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Tensile Membrane Structure


Tensile Structures

Tensile membrane structures provide endless design possibilities due to their flexible nature, naturally bright light space due to their translucency, high durability and longevity, and long spans of column-free space due to being light weight resulting in the need for less structural steel.  Tenso has a diverse range of projects, from large scale structures such as stadiums and arenas, to smaller scale structures such as canopies and awnings.


Walkway covering Structure

Our team of skilled professionals and experts work together to provide a qualitative range of walkway covering structures.Designed with innovative building techniques, our walkway structures facilitate coverage of public and commercial walkways. These structures are available for spaces like hospitals, markets and complexes. 


Auditorium Tensile Structures

TENSO provides the best range of tensile structures for auditorium domes and auditorium halls. Designed using the latest technologies, our tensile structures for auditoriums provide state-of-the-art aesthetics. These pre-engineered and fabricated tensile coverings are perfect for all weather conditions and design needs. 


Swimming Pool Tensile Structures

We also offer the best-quality swimming pool tensile coverings in the market. Designed to protect swimmers from the harmful UV rays, our swimming pool tensile coverings are widely known for their excellent finishing.Available in various sizes and colors, our swimming pool tensile coverings range from shade sails to cantilever supported structures, depending on the clients needs.


Cantilevers Tensile Structures

We offer a wide range of cantilevers tensile structures that are rugged, light weight, flexible and can be maintained easily at low costs. We also provide customized services as per the specific requirements of our clients. A wide variety of tensile fabrics that are used for doors and windows, flexible exterior coverings, coverings for gardens, functions, parties, hotels, restaurants and bars etc. are available.


Gazebo Tensile Structures

We also offer a wide range of Gazebo tensile structures that are used in decorating gardens, making summer houses for children, hosting
outdoor parties etc. Our gazebos are geometrically shaped roof and free standing structures that can be availed in various sizes, designs and shapes as per specified needs and requirements. These structures are constructed using state-of-the-art designs that support high quality and easy installation.

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